Skylar Massey

MSc Student (2019-present)

Project Title: Reaction zones around carbonatites of the Kovdor massif

Project Description: Carbonatites strongly react with wall rocks triggering haloes of fenitization. The projects explores metasomatic zoning between carbonatite dykes and silicate wallrocks (olivinites, pyroxenites and others) and compares these to zones of mantle metasomatism.

dylan Dylan Cone
MSc Student (2018-present)


Project Title: Megacrysts of the Muskox kimberlite

Project Description: The projects models kimberlite megacrysts as reaction products between photo-kimberlitic fluids and the lithospheric mantle. We explore two types of models, Deep Earth Water (DEW) and PMELTS. The modelled compositions are compared with observed major element and trace element compositions of kimberlite megacrysts.



Sofya Sofya Niyazova
MSc Student (2018-present)


Project Title: Temperatures of kimberlite melts in the crust

Project Description: The mineralogy and textures of a kimberlite are often affected by hybrid mineralization produced by the chemical reaction between kimberlite and felsic xenoliths. We use mineralogical changes in the xenoliths to constrain temperatures of the kimberlite around them. The study is based on modelling pseudosections and petrogenetic grids for hybrid bulk compositions of contaminated kimberlite.


Marina Karaevangelau  

MSc Student (2017-2019)  

Project Title: Mineral Inclusions of Lace diamonds (RSA)

Project Description: The study investigates ~ 150 crystals from the Cretaceous Group II Lace kimberlite and assigns the diamonds to eclogitic, peridotitic and websteritic paragenesis. The temperature and pressure of the diamond formation is assessed based on trace element concentrations in olivine and zircon, and based on the equilibrium between garnet and clinopyroxene. 

Erica Tso

Erica Tso
MSc Student (2015-2017)


Project Title: Chidliak peridotite xenoliths

Project Description: The project investigates petrography, mineral chemistry, thermobarometry and modal mineralogy of peridite xenoliths in the Chidliak kimberlite province, South Baffin Island. A special focus of the project is on trace element concentrations of secondary garnet and clinopyroxene.



Nester Korolev
Post Doctoral Fellow (2015-2016 Gubelin Fellowship, 2019- present grant fellowship)


Project Title: Mineral inclusions in the Cullinan diamonds (RSA)

Project Description: The study focuses on the differences between the mineral paragenesis, the carbon isotopic composition and the formation conditions between N-bearing and N-free diamonds. We also check in the site of the Bushveld mantle plume is hotter or distinct with respect to the diamond generating processes as compared to other domains of the mantle. 


Vedran Pobric

MSc Student (2015-2017)

Current Employment: Fidelity Minerals Corporation

Project Title: Eclogite xenoliths of Chidliak kimberlite (Baffin Island)

Project Description: Eclogites entrained by kimberlite melts, provide information on the source protolith of the rocks, their pressures and temperatures of the origin. The project constraints formation of Chidliak eclogite and places them at the accurate depth in the peridotitic mantle.