Equipment for Diamond Research

Fluorescence Stereomicroscope

Some diamonds fluorescence under UV light. Observation of diamond fluorescence helps diamond fingerprinting and identifies stones with different nitrogen characteristics.


Raman microscope 

Raman Spectroscopy can identify fluids and solids in situ, inside the diamond. Raman peaks shift with the higher confining pressure on the inclusion thus proving a solid basis for geobarometry. We use Horiba XploRA PLUS confocal Raman spectrometer on the 532.18 nm laser.


Cathodoluminescence: Optical microscope and SEM Spectrometer

Cathodoluminescence studies map the interior of diamond and reveal details about a diamond growth history. Cathodoluminescence colours can be observed under optical CL microscope and further quantified using SEM CL spectrometer. 



Scanning Electron Microscope 

The Scanning Electron Microscope can be used for characterizing surface features on diamonds and for identification of small mineral inclusions.


Electron Microprobe

The Electron Microprobe is used for chemical analysis of small mineral grains in thin sections or mounts. In order for inclusions to be examined they must be polished together with the diamond host or removed from the diamonds and mounted for probing. Detailed examination of mineral inclusion chemistry provides insight into diamond paragenesis and enables constraints on the environment where diamonds crystallized.


Diamond Polishing Wheel

Diamond could be cut and polished, although it is not easy. Our grad students learn to grind off parts of diamond to expose mineral inclusions.

Diamond Scaife