Our kimberlite and kimberlite-related rock collections include

  • 300 boxes of drill core of various BHP kimberlites (Lac de Gras area, Slave craton)
  • Jericho, Ranch Lake, Gahcho Kue, Nazareth, Snap Lake, Muskox, A154 kimberlites (Slave craton)
  • Victor Northwest, Renard 3 ( ~150 boxes), Renard 9 (~60 boxes), Renard 65 kimberlite (Superior craton)
  • Wawa diamondiferous calc-alkaline lamprophyre and conglomerate (Superior craton)
  • West Greenland ultramafic lamprophyre
  • Various South African, Botswanan, Yakutian and Indian kimberlites  from ~ 30 pipes and dykes


Our xenoliths collections include

  • peridotites and eclogites from the Jericho, Muskox and Gahcho Kue kimberlites (Slave craton)
  • peridotites and websterites from the Obnazhennaya pipe (Siberia)
  • peridotites from the K5 and K6 kimberlites (Buffalo Head Hills terrane, NW Canada)
  • peridotites from the West Greenland ultramafic lamprophyres
  • megacrysts from the lace kimberlite (RSA)