2012/2014 Season:

Date Speaker Title of the talk
March 17, 2015  Dr. John Chapman, Research Scientists, Rio Tinto, Australia  Why aren't all natural diamonds larger than 10 carat - they've had millions of years to grow!
February 20, 2015 Dr. Jarek Jakubec, Michael Johnson, SRK Consulting  The Jericho Diamond Mine - What Happened?
Nov 26, 2014, Double Bill  Dr. Kelly Russell, Professor, UBC  Kimberlite Ascent from Mantle to Moho
  David Newton, M.Sc. Candidate, UBC  Kimberlite Emplacement: Investigating the Effect of Country Rock Competence
October 21, 2014  Dr.Richard Wirth, Professor, GFZ-Potsdam, Germany  Nanoinclusions in diamonds as indicators for diamond genesis
April, 2014  Branko Deljanin, Canadian Gemological Lab Argyle mine - Major source of Coloured Diamonds
March 7, 2014 Dr. Mike De Wit, CEO, Tsodilo Resources Ltd.,  Mining Marange diamonds
Jan 24, 2014  Dr. Tony George and Dr. John Armstrong, Lucara Diamond Corp. Karowe Mine - A Diamond Development Success Story
Dec 6, 2013  Dr. Maya Kopylova, Professor, UBC Yakutian kimberlites: From discovery to 55 years of mining
Nov 8, 2013  Dr. Tom Nowicki, Consultant, Mineral Services Geology and evaluation of the Mothae kimberlite: another source of unusually large, high-value diamonds in northern Lesotho, southern Africa
Oct 18, 2013 Dr. Jennifer Pell, Geologist, Peregrine Diamonds Kimberlite emplacement temperatures from conodont geothermometry; hotter than you might think
April 10, 2013 Dr. Tom McCandless, Consultant, MCC Geoscience Inc. The Mystery of Microdiamonds
Feb 22, 2013 Dr. Graham Pearson, Professor, U of Alberta "Where is Earth's deep water? Evidence from an ultra-deep diamond
Jan 25, 2013 Dr. Herman Grütter, BHP Diamonds Evolution of the G10 paradigm in diamond exploration: reflections from the field
Dec 10, 2012 George Read, VP Exploration and Development, Shore Gold The Diamond Industry: Tales from 2012 and the Fort a la Corne
Nov 19, 2012 Kim Webb, Dr. Steve Moss, Mineral Services Maar-diatreme volcanoes of the Hopi Buttes volcanic field: Modern analogues for kimberlites?
Oct 11, 2012 Evan Smith, PhD candidate, UBC Liquid nitrogen and diamond-forming melts


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